Darren Carpizo Joins Antoxerene Advisory Board

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Darren Carpizo MD, PhD Brings His Knowledge and Expertise to Antoxerene Inc.

Syracuse, NY, January 29th, 2017 – Antoxerene Inc, an affiliate of Ichor Therapeutics located in LaFayette, NY recently announced the addition of Darren Carpizo MD, PhD to the advisory board of Antoxerene Inc. Carpizo is a world expert on p53, and his knowledge will be an important asset in the study of small molecule compounds to target the pathways of aging.

Carpizo currently serves as the leader of the Hepatobiliary Oncology program at Rutgers Cancer Institute. In response to joining the advisory board at Antoxerene he says, “I’m looking forward to applying my research and knowledge to such a great cause. This is an exciting time in the medical world. The work being done here is making real progress in helping people live longer, healthier lives.”

In addition to his post at Rutgers Cancer Institute, Carpizo received specialized training in the surgical management of hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers. During his surgery residency, he also completed a PhD in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology through the UCLA’s STAR program (Specialized Training in Advanced Research). Antoxerene Inc. is eager to welcome him to the advisory board.

Antoxerene Inc. uses RecombiPure (RP) protein expression technology, developing assays that are validated and scaled on liquid handling robotics systems that use state-of-the-art microplate technologies. The development of these high throughput screening assays allows staff scientists to identify lead compounds that disrupt molecular pathways. These pathways are associated with disease onset and progression. By identifying lead compounds previously unable to be screened effectively, real progress is being made in allowing therapies to be developed that could repair the damage of aging.

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Antoxerene Inc. is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in LaFayette, NY and is an affiliate of Ichor Therapeutics. We use screening technology to identify small molecule drugs for pathways of aging, engaging with collaborators in industry and academia who share our vision of delivering next generation therapies for the illness of aging. For more information, please contact us at 518-420-5004.